HANA Introduction

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What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a combination of both Software and Hardware. We can term it as Appliance rather than Database.  HANA  uses in-memory computation where we will perform all the operation in the RAM. There is no I/O delays in the HANA due to in-memory processing when compared to other Big Data technologies available in the market.

HANA uses both Row and column store operations. (OLTP and OLAP)

HANA Introduction

We can load the data from any database/source to the HANA tables to perform the analytics and   AI Techniques to take the critical decisions for enterprise.

Feature of HANA:

  • Platform for Digitalization and Innovation for intelligent enterprise
  • Data Privacy enhancements
  • Easy Integration to the Block chain using SAP Enterprise cloud services

Architecture of the HANA:

SAP HANA consists of different services

  1. Index Server
  2. Preprocessor Server
  3. Name Server
  4. Statistics Server
  5. XS Engine
SAP HANA Platform
HANA Capabilities

Index server is the main service for the  HANA Operations. All SQL related queries will be handled by  SQL engine in the Index server.

Pre-processor server  will be used for text analytics – used for data extraction. Pre-process the data need for the index server.

Name Server contains the topological information of all the nodes in the landscape. It contains all the components and location of the data on the server. In MDC, Name server is present in the SYSTEM DB only.

Statistics server will collect the data regarding the status, alerts and performance information. From HANA 1.0 SP8 statistics server will be included in index server.

XS Engine  – Allows to access the  Applications using HTTP communication.

All Fiori related service will run only if XS engine is up and running.

From HANA 2.0, Multi data container (MDC) are enabled by default. In MDC, We have SYSTEM Database and  any number of the Tenant Databases. All the Tenant related information will be present in SYSTEM DB. Each tenant will be used for different purpose. In case of system refresh we need to only consider the Tenant Database. For configuration related changes we need to perform the changes on the SYSTEM DB. Name server in the SYSTEM Database will contain the information of all the tenant Databases in the  System.

SAP Net weaver Application is configured to use the Schema created in the Tenant database.

HANA Architecture
HANA Architecture

We can even have Multiple HANA system on the Single host. We will discuss how to choose the HANA Appliance and  hardware vendors in next tutorial.

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