HANA Installation- hardware Sizing

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We need to perform few basis sizing steps before the HANA installation

  1. Identify the memory requirements based on number of users and Data footprint ( memory utilized for daily business transactions)
  2. Choose the SAP Certified Hardware Partner based on the CPU and memory requirements – HP, Fijitsa and IBM are most common Hardware partner .
Hardware Partners

The HANA can be purchased as Appliance (software + Hardware) or Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI). Tailored Data center Integration allows HANA customers to choose existing hardware and infrastructure components for their HANA environment. Typically an HANA appliance comes with all necessary components pre-configured

Difference between HANA Appliance and TDI

HANA Sizing helps us to balance the memory and the CPU needs for the smooth business operations. In below figure we have presented two scenarios with high workload ( Need more hardware to reduce the utilization) and low workloads (hardware is not utilized properly)

Memory & Compute Demands – Not Balanced
HANA Configuration – Sizing

HANA Sizing – Business

Below snotes describes the HANA sizing scenarios

  1. Sizing BW on HANA
    SAP Note 1637145 – SAP BW on HANA: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database
    SAP Note 1736976 – Sizing Report for BW on HANA
  2. S4 HANA – Sizing
    SAP Note 1793345 – Sizing for SAP Suite on HANA
    SAP Note 1872170 – Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA sizing report

In the next tutorial, We will concentrate on performing sizing using Quick sizer tool, Disk sizing and CPU sizing ( TDI environment)

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