HANA Quick Sizer Tool

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In this tutorial we will see how to use quick sizer tool to perform sizing for HANA system. Quick sizer helps us to calculate the CPU, memory, IO and disk. We need to specify the below parameters to the quick sizing tool to perform sizing.

  1. Data Foot Print
  2. Active Users

Below sizing methods covers all the possible ways to perform sizing.

Sizing Methods

Quick Sizer – https://websmp203.sap-ag.de/quicksizer

Step 1- Create Project:

Create Project

With the quick sizer tool we can do the standalone HANA, BW on HANA. Choose the Option based on your requirement

Specify the data footprint and active users

Calculate Results

Compression parameter will help us to compress the data before loading the data into the HANA Memory.

Click on the Calculate result to generate the sizing report. The below screenshot provides the overview of the calculated results

In the above screenshot you can able to see the CPU category mentioned as T-shirt size (XXL). In the next tutorial we will see how to perform the HANA installation in the Landscape.

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