Python scripts in HANA

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Python is the most powerful language which has broad range of standard libraries in various industries. Moreover major functionalities in HANA has been developed using Python. We can retrieve the data using DB connection or DB API or using default scripts available in HANA under python_support directory.

HANA and Python – Most Powerful Combination

Important scripts for HANA Administrator

First Login to the HANA Server at os level with sidadm user. Execute cdpy command to navigate to the python_support directory ( All HANA scripts are located in /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<xx>/exe/python_support directory)

python scripts
  1. — Generated to provide information to the SAP for the analysis of the issue.
  2. – To check the System Replication Status
  3. – To check the HANA Hardware related information.
  4. – Provides the information of the HANA server instances, services, memory and IO utilization.
  5. – We need to execute this script during conversion of the single node to the MDC.
  6. — It will show the Landscape Host configuration details

We can use the Python in native HANA developed for rapid development of the Applications. We can connect to the HANA Database using python to retrieve the Data from the DB using the functions available in pyhdb module. In next blog we will see how to read and write data to HANA Database using pythons scripts.