Free HANA Express edition Installation on Google Cloud

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Most of us want to access HANA for free of cost. In this tutorial, I will show how to install HANA Server and access it on Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Create an Free Account on Google Cloud Platform ( )
  2. Provide Credit card Details, You will get $300 free credit to access for 12 months.
  3. Choose HANA Expression Edition and click on the “Launch on Compute Engine”
HANA Server

4.Fill the Instance details and click on the Deploy button.

5. VM will be created and ready to use. We can use ssh session to access the OS level to install the HANA Express Edition.

6. Install HANA Express Edition

7. Now Appliance is ready to use. Check the VM instance properties for the external IP address to access the Appliance.

I have uploaded the detailed steps for the HANA Express edition installation in GCP in github.

In the next tutorial, we will see how to perform HANA Administration and Development Activities.