Financial services for Data Platform- SAP Banking Solutions

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Banking industries has lot of open challenges which requires good decision makers to make wise choices based on the massive volumes of the diverse data available .people with good decision making and data analysis skills will be needed for business operations to improve the customer experience to drive the growth. Human errors during prediction of the liquidity ratio ,credit score will bring us  difficult business outcomes.

We need an Intelligent Enterprise which can help us to drive the business with better decision making aid. SAP provides us the  FSDP solution which will runs on the top of the HANA to analyze the massive amounts of data so quickly  for better decision making.

FSDP is the advanced version of the Bank Analyzer from SAP  which contains applications for analytical and operative banking. We can able to interact with FSDP with SQL queries. It acts as Single Source of truth to reduce the redundancies with help of the unified data models.

Conceptual  data model (CDM) will be referred to the actual physical data model (PDM) which contains the SAP HANA core data services(CDS)

  • Same format for all the data objects in the class from different data sources
  • Store  data only once (data objects)
  • Different Reports uses the same data objects

This approach helps us because we are using the same data objects for the different reports as single source of truth.

Power designer will be used to develop  the data models which are similar the Entity Relationship diagram in the database design. Power designer has capability to create physical models  on HANA database based on the models created on business requirements.

FSDM Platform

Above figure explains how FSDP uses HANA for the data analytics which will help us for the reporting purpose.  With the help of the other products (components), FSDP  provides solution to the several open questions in the banking industry with the help of Analytical engine (HANA) for financial services.