HANA Backup Management – Part 1

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Today we would like to discuss on backup management in HANA database. HANA Backup management has similar operations like other databases – Oracle, db2 and sybase.

Why we need database backup?

Now a days, data places crucial roles in our lives. All  financial transactions and operations will be tracked in the data  and log files by the database.  In case of any failure or corruption of  database will affect  the daily transactions of  the business users. In order to ensure the smooth run of the business and the operations, we are advised to  have regular  data and log backup to restore the corrupted data in case of emergency situations.

How to take data backup?

HANA backup catalog has detailed  information of data and log backup.

 Major Difference between data and log files: Data file will contain the actual information and log files has the meta information  of the transactions/operations.

In the next tutorial, we will see how to perform restore in HANA database in case of data corruption.